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New year, New do!

Before Christmas, I decided to have a bit of a change up with my hair. Don't get me wrong, I have always LOVED having uber long locks but, unfortunately I just found it was becoming less practical with day to day life. I never had enough time to 'do anything' with it and found I was spending more time putting it up in a top knot for the sake of ease. I know I'm not always a fountain of patience but I definitely wasn't enjoying how much maintainance my required to look even remotely nice.

Anyway, I had been thinking about making a change and decided to book into my local salon. And by the end of my session, my goodness, I did not realize how light a head could feel when it's not weighed down by several feet of hair!

I went for a very blunt, simple shoulder-length cut and I have to say, I absolutely love it. I have zero regrets about how much I lost; it's incredibly light now and easy going. In fact, (shock horror here), I've actually manage to spend most mornings these days curling my locks simply because it's far easier and time-friendly than ever before!

It's not every day that I do something dramatic to my appearance but this was one change I was so happy to make. My hair feels 100% healthier and I feel so much better now that I get to actually enjoy it!



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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys! I hope you all had a really beautiful Christmas, New Year celebration...and everything in between! 

As you may have noticed (if you pop by here often), I have not been on my blog or social media properly for a few weeks now. It actually feels like a much longer 'detox' than it probably was but I made the decision to give myself an *actual* break and to step away from my phone and computer altogether. I just wanted to be really present with my family during these weeks and looking back, it was a decision that has absolutely played a part in creating one of our most memorable Christmas's to date.

But the good news is I am back and raring to go again! Having had a break I feel eager to get my teeth stuck into the blog once more and I'm looking forward to the year ahead with such anticipation! I'm especially looking forward to challenging myself to be more creative and of course, to share more with you!

Honestly, I can't quite fathom that 2018 is already upon us; that we've turned the corner once more to January (madness!!) My biggest hope is that 2018 might be a fresh start for everyone. I hope it brings the opportunity to grow and to inspire us to push past boundaries in search of the very best versions of ourselves.

So from me to you, I wish you all a very Happy New Year and a wonderful 2018 ahead!

I'll see you soon!

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