Beating Jan blues | Chanel Gabrielle

The tree comes down along with the festive decorations everywhere and all of a sudden, the home looks barer than it did before you decorated in the first place- or so it often seems!
And with the Christmas season coming to a close and the normal school/work routines returning, I think sometimes a little pick me up can be exactly what the doctor ordered to feel a little less, well, blue!
And while the weather is certainly not playing ball and, let's be honest, it probably won't for quite some time yet, I think sometimes having something positive to focus on, or look forward to can do wonders to lift the spirits.

I was lucky enough to receive some gorgeous presents this Christmas and I wanted to mention one in particular because it is growing on me SO much right now. Eddy got me the new Chanel perfume, Gabrielle and, true to form, it has replaced all my other fragrances- certainly for the foreseeable future. And I know I *should* use it a lot more sparingly but, if truth be told, I just love it and feel 100% more polished when I have it on, (even if I am slouching around the house in pajamas with hair that could play double for a haystack in any Hollywood film!)- at least I won't smell like a haystack! Lol!

I've always loved the way perfume can be so telling of your personality, and also how unique and personal a journey finding the right one for you is. I love how each fragrance blooms a little differently on an individual person and that spritzing your favourite perfume on can be a little moment of pure indulgence that sets you up for the day ahead.

Now I'm not going to pretend I can describe the notes in Gabrielle as I am rubbish at that kind of thing but I will say this, if you happen to pass by a Chanel counter any time soon, do have a little try of it- to me it is just indescribably gorgeous and the way it feeds into my mood is, well, literally uplifting. So much more than a pick-me-up!

Do you have a favourite fragrance on the go at present? 


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