Blush Pink & Styling Spring 2018

Doing the school run this past week or so, I've been SO elated to notice the beginnings of longer days. Those extra hours of daylight have been so missed and the reminder that we will slowly get them back again is just, well, welcome relief from these dreary and dark months we've endured.

In celebration of the oncoming seasonal transition, I may have gotten just a little ahead of myself, cracking out some of my favourite pieces from last summer to fall back in love with. These pink pumps for example, they dodged a good few puddles at the school gates earlier but it was strangely mild today and I managed to keep them on my feet all day. Oh hey bright colour- it's nice to wear you once more! 
I gotta say, I am all about lightening up the wardrobe when spring comes around, I swear there is more physchology to it than I give credit for! And despite it only being January, I am already in the thick of getting started on that front. Gimme allll the pastel hues and seasonal blooms to match, a match made in heaven methinks!

You'll have seen me wearing this velvet blazer from Next last year on the blog and incase you didn't already know, I pretty much lived in these pumps for the duration of sumer 2017. (And I'm still not nearly done with them. ) But being able to legitimately wear them today (crazy or not) royally perked me up and got me thinking about transitional style and how to tackle my insatiable urge to dress for a season that hasn't (quite) arrived yet. 

Layering is a bit of a necessity as most mornings we still wake to a covering of frost out there. Lately however, I've been falling back on jeans as the base element of my 'mum uniform'. An oversized jumper with a full length coat and casual trainers, or lighter pieces such as in this look, layered together to create warmth and a slightly more 'put together' style. I love 'mom jeans' for smoothing over my mum-of-three- hips and tummy and for extra warmth too-afterall, there's nothing worse than the morning chill getting to your midriff and causing full-body goosebumps!

I am SO excited to embrace spring and to dress a little more, well pink! Have you spied any upcoming trends for spring that you're excited about?


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