An unexpected day

I had every good intention of shooting some exciting spring content for the blog today! After Eddy and I dropped the kids to school & pre-school this morning, we even headed into town with Joshy to search out the best spot for our photos.
It would seem mother nature had other plans though, as, by the time we reached Lincoln, the city was a blizzard of snow and with minus 3 registering on the car; the writing was very much on the wall by that point. *NO* fashion shoots would be taking place with that weather going off in the background (not to mention the extreme chill factor!) Plus, the thought of coffee and brunch was far more appealing than standing out in the cold anyway!

It definitely wasn't planned this way but in the end, we had *the* nicest, spontaneous date- day together- even popping in to see some lovely friends in the afternoon who have just welcomed their first baby (and what an unbelievably gorgeous little cutie- pie he was!) 

These kinds of days are just by far my favourite; the kind where there's nowhere we actually need to be and where we get to really value the luxury of free time spent well, without rushing to get to the next thing.

The snow continued to fall and our date day concluded with picking up some very excited little boys from their schools- both eager to spend the remaining daylight making snow creations and sledging! 

And that's just what we did!

Today I had a million other things that needed doing: laundry, blog content & and not to mention a fair bit of life admin too; and despite the momentary anxiety I did feel in pushing all these things to the side, (I never do learn!)  I recognise that letting go of it all every so often and just taking the day to catch my breath was so needed! 
The fact that nature stepped in kinda dictated the whole day was an unexpected plot twist but one that offered a better alternative; a rare oppertunity to spend quality time with my wonderful husband- and without a camera lens in sight!

Our little ones have gone to bed tonight hoping for a proper snow day tomorrow. I'm secretly hoping we get one too! :p

I did manage to snap a few photos in the gorgeous evening light this evening. NOT a fashion shoot by any definition, but rather, some happy little faces enjoying the most exciting weather we've had in months!


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