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If I thought half term would fly by, this first week back has just disappeared! Our plans to visit my family in Devon didn’t come to fruition last week anyway as Eddy was getting over flu and I think the ‘staying put’ aspect of the week had the effect of making our days appear to merge. 
But the break from routine was lovely as ever and certainly going into this week I definitely had a sense of refreshment and re-enthused energy!

And here I am pining for warm spring days to arrive and these harsh frosty starts to finally mellow. I’m totally holding out for those balmy summer evenings to return; the kinds you can still dry a round of laundry in and sit comfortably under the stars till gone 10pm- bliss!

This week got off to a rather exciting start with prepping for Jonah’s third birthday. I know we mum’s say this allll the time but truly, I don’t know where the time is going! This year Jonah has changed SO much and I can’t really get my head around the fact that this will be his last proper year at home before we begin to think about schooling.
As always, his birthday on Wednesday was met with shrieks of excitement and for once, I really didn’t begrudge the pre-7am wake up call- (I like to think of myself as a fairly good morning person, but kids have a way of making even the earliest birds question themselves!)

We were up at the crack of dawn and breakfasting all the whilst building new lego and opening cards. It was such a special morning and so nice to just shine the spotlight on our middle child all day.
 I was so proud of Noah too for not even questioning that Jonah basically got final say on everything that day. He just completely understood the point and from the evening movie to bedtime stories; was more than happy to let Jonah make all the choices they would normally share (or squabble over) and as a mama, this really melted my heart. How the two of them have grown close this past year!

 And speaking of early starts, Joshua has been letting up a little on his, ‘no other word for it than anti-social’ night time routines. While he is definitely sleeping that bit better, he has become SO loud lately, especially when voicing his opinion over which toy he wants to play with! And if you ever want to see that boy prove his lung capacity, just you try and hand him a custard cream when there are bourbons on offer! That boy can shriek! :p

No word of a lie, parenting our three is both an amazing and exhausting effort and I don’t really know where the joy starts and the dark circles under my eyes end, (or if they ever will for that matter!) But that’s life isn’t it? It happens all at once instead of in the neat or convenient sections we might have planned. 

I'm so grateful for our three little musketeers. Turning me grey before my time whilst filling my heart more than I ever could have dreamed.


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