Staying in your own lane

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned through entering the world of social media and blogging is definitely the importance of staying in your own lane; of being content with the direction you're going in and, if ever off-kilter, of acknowledging it, making adjustments and continuing on your own path.

Blogging is such a wonderful outlet and I've always thought of mine as a kind of life journal, which in time, I hope my boys will be able to rifle through and recall happy memories of family life and their mama's musings along the way.

Whilst I absolutely LOVE creating content for this little space of mine, I'd be lying if I didn't admit to those occasional moments where the flow has ebbed a little and I've wondered about the core identity of my blog and the direction of it. 
I suppose as the family has grown, my blog has naturally adapted and moved more towards being a lifestyle blog than an entirely parent-focused one. 

My reasons for that were partly because I love fashion and beauty topics and LOVE styling, photographing and sharing my (humble) thoughts about latest trends and products. I also love product photography which, had I had never collaborated with a brand, I might never have even tried or considered exploring. Therefore I'm kinda indebted to these brands I've worked with so far for encouraging me to be creative in an entirely new way!

I have so much to be thankful for; for the oppertunities the blog has brought with it, the exposure to amazing bloggers who have inspired me from day one and also for encouraging me to pursue carving out the kind of blog and content that I enjoy creating so much.

But staying in your own lane is SO vital to your success as a blogger. Much as not comparing yourself, your content, abilities or limitations with anybody else out there is so intrinsic to remaining true to your blog's own identity. It can be all too easy to allow yourself to feel insignificant next to the really 'big cheeses' in the industry. 

But on the flip side, isn't that the case in every single industry? And aren't those 'big cheeses' relative anyway? (AND I'm sure they wouldn't for a minute imagine themselves on the pedestal we sometimes put them on anyway!)

Like any career, remaining focused on where you are now and where you are heading is intrinsic and in doing so with this blog, I have become far less worried about the number of readers or statistics associated, despite the pressure I sometimes feel to constantly be growing at a rate of knots! 

Sometimes it's much easier said than done, but staying in my own lane and having confidence in myself *without* feeling the need to compare my content is proving key to my overall sense of happiness within the blogosphere. And I just thought that was worth sharing with you, especially for any other bloggers out there. Always remember why you began writing in the first place and remain in your own, unique lane!


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