A Mother's Day Trip With Joules | Part 1

There aren't too many parts of the world I've visited where I could honestly say, I could never tire of living there, however, Watergate Bay is definitely one of them. It's a nook down in Northern Cornwall that we have visited each summer for almost a decade. And not only does it hold precious memories of years gone by, but it's home to one of the most stunning landscapes the UK has to offer. From its cliffs and crystal waters to its secret caves and fabulous local eateries; it's such a gem of a beach and one we have come back to year after year.

When Joules reached out a few weeks ago to invite me to join a group of lovely bloggers and head down to Watergate Bay for a Mother's Day trip, well, I couldn't say no! Just the thought of being able to potter along the familiar sands and paddle our toes in the chilly shallows; to take a moment for myself and simply press pause on the everyday routines-  it was just too wonderful an oppertunity to miss!

We were very generously offered the chance to invite our mothers, or close female to accompany us on the trip which was just such a lovely idea! As my mum couldn't make it herself, I decided to invite one of my sisters, Rosie, who was just as thrilled as me to have a little getaway from everything.

And knowing so well that Joules are one of those brands that never fails to put a smile on my face, I might have known they would have a few tricks up their sleeves!
 Upon arrival, we were shown to our rather fabulous bedrooms in the Watergate Bay Hotel, (talk about dreamy #hotelgoals!) which had been kitted out with goody bags everywhere awaiting our arrival (and squeals of delight!)
The wonderful girls at Joules spared no detail in making us feel immediately comfortable in our home for the next few days. Personalised weekend bags awaited which were crammed full of clothing from dressing gowns, pyjamas and slippers, to raincoats, wellies and even an umbrella which proved most helpful for the ever-changing Cornish weather!

This trip was actually my first overnight stay away from Joshua so it marked quite a milestone in my own journey as a mother. And honestly, after a glorious first night's sleep, I think the first thing I said to my sister the following morning was "I haven't slept like that in six years!'- perhaps it was long overdue but it definitely was no word of a lie! The bed was deliciously comfortable as was the gorgeous, nautical themed decor of the room and, not to mention *the* power-shower to make all other showers jealous! :p

I don't know how the team at Joules managed it, but they chose some of the loveliest ladies for this trip. After our initial 'meet-and-greet' lunch together, I instantly felt like I clicked with all the other lovely bloggers and their mums and it was SUCH a treat to really get to talk to them, without relying on a phone or Instagram account to connect. Instagram will always be such an important part of the bloggersphere but nothing beats face to face conversations - with or without the flowing prosecco!

Being aware of how quickly our time was sure to fly, we were keen to make the most of every moment whilst still having plenty of 'downtime' too-such a paradox! Part of me just wanted to sleep and rest while the rare oppertunity presented itself, and the other part of me, fuelled by sheer excitment, just wanted to be moving about at 100mph, doing everything possible and savouring the moment!

I feel like I have SO much to say about our trip. It really was the trip of a lifetime in many ways and I'm going to write up a few more blog posts to share more of the hundreds of snaps taken and also how the days panned out, along with the friendships made, the exquisite food and the gorgeous surroundings that played host to our Mother's day trip!

Stay tuned for part two of our Mother's day trip with Joules!


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