A Mother's Day Trip With Joules | Part 2

Peeling back the curtains on the morning of Wednesday 7th, I couldn’t help but wonder when the last time I slept through the night, without wakeup calls or babies to attend. I also couldn’t believe how deeply I slept, waking only to the sound of the crashing waves in the distance and busy seagulls going about their morning. Dreamy sleep and the dreamiest of wakeup call’s. I already knew Wednesday was going to be a great day!

We began our itinerary with the all-important fuelling in the most gorgeous, dining room. Waffles anyone? It was one of those breakfast stations that tempted you to try everything from the fresh oat bircher pots to the waffles, cooked delicacies and fruit smoothies. Well, it felt rude to not at least try a bit of everything! My sister and I tucked into the *most* perfect waffles and maple syrup along with our coffees, fruit and pastries. I still wish I could go back in time, if only to experience the breakfast to rule all breakfasts down at Watergate bay!

The sun was shining, the skies were blue and I think we were all itching to get out into the Cornish air and breath in the salty goodness of the coast. I know I am biased having grown up along the coast of North Devon but there’s really nothing like the seaside to lift the spirits and make you feel like all is well with the world. It certainly was for our time at Watergate Bay!

The wonderful ladies who organised our trip had scheduled spa treatments for our morning and so after breakfasting like Queens, my sister and I headed back to our room to throw on our swimwear and dressing gowns and head to the pool/spa area. This was like a haven all of its own with the infinity pool appearing to stretch out endlessly against the horizon of the sea in the distance. Whoever designed this magical place deserves a medal in my book- it was just heavenly to behold.
I had opted for a back, neck & shoulder massage for my spa treatment; my very first and I have to say, I managed to restrain pretty well from giggling throughout. Apparently I’m ridiculously sensitive to being tickled and though my masseuse was just lovely and did everything to put me at ease, I felt a bit of a naughty school girl at moments where she dug her hands into my back and I almost snorted with laughter!-Oops!

We had a little free time to indulge in rest of the spa before meeting for Lunch at the beachside restaurant- the *only* place you need to sample hot chocolate in Cornwall, I might add! And if I haven’t already mentioned it, the fish from this part of the world is also second to none. So much so, It was quite the topic of conversation among the ladies as so many of us sampled it throughout the trip and everyone was in agreement that there was something exquisite about the flavour and undeniably freshness of the local produce. Bring on the calamari!

After lunch we were ready for our next activity- Nordic walking! Something I had vaguely heard about in the past but never appreciated, or particularly taken seriously. However, we had the loveliest instructor introduce us to the benefits and concepts of Nordic Walking and of how using the poles can propel your forward, improving your speed, posture and overall health in the process. We probably looked quite the sight taking over the beach for a couple of hours and hounding up and down but it was actually SUCH fun! I definitely did not think I would enjoy it as much as I did but now I feel like a total convert! 
I was actually sad when our lesson came to an end because it was such an exhilarating experience, totally refreshing and we all felt like we had had a thorough workout in the process- which was probably a good thing because I was preparing to gorge myself on Italian later for our evening meal out in Padstow!

I know this blog post so far has been quite factual and detailed about how we spent our time at Watergate Bay. There’s so much to write about! But I also wanted to mention just how wonderful the staff at the hotel were too. Nothing was too much trouble (even looking about for spare cotton wool because I stupidly forgot to bring any!) 
The overall vibe of the hotel was so informal and relaxed, as if stepping into the home of a dear friend rather than a hotel at all. We definitely felt that the balance of luxury with everyday practicality led to the most perfect setting. I felt totally looked after and everything around me was pristine and beautiful but equally, nobody would bat an eyelid for seeing a happy dog walking alongside his owner, or for walking about the foyer in sandy wellies. 
There was little sense of formality or ‘rules’ and every sense of relaxation and total escape. My ideal hotel in every sense of the word!

Stay tuned for part 3 of our Joules Mother’s day trip with Joules!


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