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If you've followed my blog for a little while, you'll probably have already sussed that I am a bit of a sucker for an eye-catching baby blanket. Regardless of whether we *actually* need them or not (I definitely have a mindset of 'what's one more, right?') 
So it would seem I have accidentally grown quite a collection over the years and you'd be right in thinking that it ain't going anywhere! p

I've gotta say it though, since Noah was a little babe in arms, (almost five years ago!) I have LOVED aden + anais products. I started off swooning over their muslin cloths and eventually dabbled in their blankets, bedding and gro-bags and three boys later, I cannot recommend them more for their quality which has meant I've been able to enjoy handing down items we used with Noah all the way through to Joshua. I even have photographic evidence people!

 But when aden + anais reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in sampling their new collection in collaboration with Disney, (Uhh, YAAS!) well, I couldn't quite help myself but welcome yet another beautiful piece into the ever-growing blanket pile we have here.

We decided to go with the Dalmatian print baby dream blanket-an absolute beaut of a design. What I love about these blankets most is how great they are for everything...be it tucking tired babes into bed or as a snuggly surface to play on indoors, outdoors- even at the beach! The four layers of muslin cloth create such a soft, light fabric which is just begging to be cuddled...and cuddled they most certainly are!

As you might have guessed, our newest blanket was a big hit with Joshua who now takes it everywhere. The stark contrast of colours is also really appealing to babies; Joshy loves picking out the black spots and the puppies on the reverse side- I tell ya, hours of entertainment and so ideal for car journeys too as the kids like having oversized blankets to get comfortable with- these are definitely my favourite for that!

I think this is my favourite blanket design from aden+anais to date and I love the way it looks against bedding too- the monochrome really draws the eye and becomes a focal point against a neutral backdrop. 

I know it's not the most exciting part of a product review but I feel I would be doing this blanket a disservice if I didn't mention how well it washes too. In my experience there has never been any problem with mis-shaping or the colours fading; they always come out of the tumble drier lovely as ever and looking brand new again!

We're pretty smitten with this latest collaboration and it's definitely got me excitedly wondering what aden+anais might come up with next!?

*Post in association with aden+anais


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