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Spring, you might be evading us at present but in true British style, the show must go on- come rain or shine!
I've been meaning to share a few new pieces with you for a good couple of weeks now but felt a little stitched up by the snow...let's face it, chatting next season's top picks with a backdrop that looked more akin to an arctic escapade; well, suffice to say it just didn't convey the 'summery vibe' I was hoping for!

Anyway, enough with the weather chat, I want to introduce you to a shop I found via Instagram called the Giftpop Boutique which has *the* nicest bags, jewellery and accessories- all of which are sure to infuse your spring/summer wardrobes with heaps of vibrancy and colour!

 I want to start by mentioning these cowhide belts which I have been obsessing over lately. I never fully appreciated the power of a belt for its ability not least to keep your jeans in place but also to pull an outfit together. You might think the animal print and Dalmatian style are quite 'loud', shall we say? But I have found them to just work with everything I pair them with- They literally make the most basic of outfits 'pop'!

The thing about belts is, for me, they have always been a bit of an afterthought. I suppose I have never given them the kind of attention I give to choosing which shoes or bag to accessorise a look with.  It really has been my loss though as these belts from Giftpop have well and truly encouraged me to rekindle my LOVE  for 'dressing down' and embrace casual attire as much as I enjoy dressing up! 

 Over the last few weeks, I have been reaching for these two belts more and more to achieve different looks with the same trousers. Granted, there may only be a handful of ways to work the high-waisted 'mom-jean' or a pair of black skinny's, but how often do you see a textured dalmatian print breaking up the colour blocks? :p

And you don't need me to wax lyrical on my love for bags or why (guiltily) I will never admit to having enough of them (sorry!) But for the seasons ahead, I gotta hand it to the gorgeous Giftpop boutique- this three in one tote solution is just ideal!
 Made out of butter-soft pleather, you get the hand-held tote (which is so ideal for trips to the market or town), the cross-body (the one I have been living in lately) AND a detachable little purse for those spare coins or receipts that always seem to accumulate in the darkest depths of all my handbags.
So just to clarify, that's not one but THREE gorgeous bags in one! Need I say more?!

Granted, I am a pink fanatic at the best of times, but the bag does come in a variety of colourways to suit any taste and  I can definitely see myself wearing mine A LOT this summer! I'm actually so excited to style this with floaty dresses & sandals in the coming months...come on sun!

 *Post written in collaboration with Giftpop who kindly gifted me the items mentioned for the purpose of a review.


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