Introducing the Coco powerbank by VQ

I've never pretended to be 'tech savvy' by any means, but even I can appreciate the absolute Godsend that a brilliant gadget can be when you land your hands on something you didn't realize you needed until you found it.
This was definitely the case when I heard about VQ's new product release: the Coco; a beautiful dual- functioning compact mirror and power bank for devices which comes in a range of *the* most gorgeous collaborative designs by the ever- popular Emma Bridgewater and Lulu Guinness.

I was very kindly gifted one of the Lulu Guinness Compacts and let me tell you it is every bit as beautiful as I imagined it to be. SO handbag friendly and ideal for makeup touch-ups on the go with the inclusion of both a normal mirror, a magnified mirror AND an led light for your convenience. I mean, call me easily pleased but even if the Coco was just a compact mirror alone, I would be pretty happy with it! 

Yet, if there is one thing I know about the collaborations I have done with VQ in the past, it is that they sure don't do things by halves. The other function of the Coco is to provide power to your phone or tablet via the inbuilt Apple lightning cable (SO handy!) which tucks neatly away underneath the base of the mirror compact. No tangled cables here! 
The Coco also features innovative fast-charging technology which allows you to fully recharge your device in as little as 45 minutes! Now that's what I'm talking about!

I have to say, I have never actually used a portable power bank in the past. I suppose I never really considered myself to be in desperate need of one. And yet, I have to admit I have been caught out a few times by my iPhone in losing battery before I'm home and dry. My phone requires charging every night to keep up with my usage which includes reading and responding to work emails, social media, photo editing and then leisure use too. Basically, I use it a LOT and nearly always feel compromised when out and about without a charger. Do I not respond to work on the go in an effort to save the battery in case of emergency? Or should I prioritise keeping on top of work via my phone but jeopardize the battery life in doing so? And pray I don’t break down on the way home!

I can't believe I didn't really think about the huge gap in the market for decent, portable power banks that didn't cost the earth. Trust VQ to find not only a solution to my problem but to go above and beyond by creating the most blogger-friendly piece of tech I think I will ever get my hands on!

I can definitely see the Coco becoming the must-have handbag accessory of the year! It has completely changed the way I think about working on the go and travelling in general. It provides wonderful reassurance too, which means I don’t need to worry anymore about being caught out without access to make a call!

An absolute gem of a release- thank you VQ!

*Paid collaboration with VQ. 


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