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We spent our Easter hols this year back down in Devon and if there is one thing we like to do while we're in this beautiful part of the country, it’s to soak up the coast for as long as possible. Apparently it has become an unintentional aim of ours to squeeze in as many trips out to our favourite beaches while we're here; places that as a family we all mutually love spending time at.
It’s probably quite a cliche but our family will go to the seaside, wetsuits in hand come rain or shine and I get so excited to see our love for it rubbing off onto the children.

Of course, this IS Britain and we’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t bring some form of weather protective clothing; there’s never any telling when the clouds might roll in as they often do and suddenly a bright summery day becomes a moody one with the wind whipping up the waves and sand in equal force. I for one love the unpredictability of it but as a mum, I know never to ‘play it safe’ with beach supplies; to ALWAYS pack extra clothes, towels & coats for those moments where, as a classic example, the unintentional paddling of toes turns into a full body escapade into rock pools. What can I say? My kids LOVE the full experience and it warms my heart to see their imaginations run wild as we scour the horizons for pirate ships and search high and low for their buried treasures.

Organisation is key, regardless of the location of trip but perhaps more especially when you’re throwing yourself (and family) into the hands of mother nature herself and all her show! Therefore, keeping the kids warm and dry is essential when we’re pottering about the coastline in April so being able to rely on a brand of clothing that understands these parts of the country along with their climatic unpredictability is paramount.

Lighthouse Clothing is a brand which, with their mantra of ‘simple island living’ really encapsulates for me that feeling of freedom when we take our kids off to the beach. It’s the idea of living in the moment, of being spontaneous and wearing pieces that are going to live up to that lifestyle and furthermore, encourage them.

Despite a chilly breeze and the swelling clouds that had us clock- watching for downpours; our tops, jumpers and coats kept us all cosy and protected ensuring that no weather front would interrupt our fun. Nor did it!

 It’s always nice to feel a little style-conscious, even when dressing purely for practicality and this is something I feel Lighthouse Clothing has achieved so well. Having never experienced the brand before, I was pretty darn impressed by not only the quality of the pieces but also their stylistic relevance too. I honestly feel like this is a brand that will slot into our family life quite happily and I’m hopeful that these pieces will see a lot of happy family memories play out in the future too!

I've linked below to where you can find our pieces if you'd like to see them up close!
Bunty's Breton
Eddy's sweatshirt & coat
Noah & Jonah's rugby shirt & coat
Joshy's sweatshirt coat

*Lighthouse Clothing kindly gifted our family the above pieces 


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