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I think there are possibly two 'trends' I have really gotten stuck into this year and they are wearing blazers (with everything!) AND being more playful with colour, especially with  incorportating bright 'pops' of colour and colour blocking.

In the world of fashion, spring is the season that normally hails the return of the pastel hue, reminding us to enjoy wearing colour and gradually build towards more striking use of it as we approach the summer months. However, for some reason this year I seem to have almost entirely bypassed any use of pastel colours and have thrown myself into the deep end of colour- blocking, giving my wardrobe quite a playful overhaul in the process!

I have found myself really gravitating towards bright reds, oranges, greens and yellows and I can't seem to get enough of them! And with the onset of occasion season also fast approaching (we have two MEGA exciting weddings this year), I am pretty convinced that pastel tones are not going to be featuring for me anywhere near as heavily as bright colours will be. 
 Honestly, I don't know what bug I have caught but I am SO enjoying vibrant and saturated colours that really catch the eye, including this rather snazzy cross body bag from Next.
This little number goes with everything and, conveniently, it really works both as a casual piece and also in a formal setting. 

And this blazer....Hello! I might have unintentionally started a blazer collection in the past year (but have you seen all the wonderous examples out there?!) I had been swooning over this one from Next for quite some time as it has really gorgeous pink & grey undertones which, again, seem to work with most pieces in my wardrobe. It definitely lends itself well to a striking blouse or bag and either as a casual piece as I've styled it here, or as a formalwear, it really is a gorgeous piece I know I will recycle again and again!

Now if there is one thing I know to be true, it's that polka dots always work with striking colour, who's with me?! I just think this particular polka dot blouse is just stunning. With its frilly sleeves and collar, it just looks SO sweet tucked into jeans or paired with skirts. Again, it lends itself well to bright colour and the red bag offsets the dots and seems to liven them, if that makes any sense!?
I love it anyway and I can see myself styling this over and over this season. Whatta find!

Aside for the pattern running through my blazer, the only pastel colour I'm wearing are these gorgeous studded leather loafers in baby pink, PINK I tell you! These shoes are amazing, SO comfy and did I mention they are pink too?!
Need I say more? :p 
 I do think they are such a great addition to this look, striking as they are with the stud detailing, they still let the bright bag and coral earrings do the talking and I love that about them. Again, (I notice like many of the clothes I am choosing lately) these shoes can be dressed up or down; they're perfect for pottering about in town, yet would still look killer for a date night too!

Occasionwear is very much on my mind at the moment, we actually have my brother's wedding next month and I have NO idea what I'm wearing yet but I am enjoying getting lots of inspiration from Next, especially with how easy it is to infuse bright colour into a look!

What are your fave trends for occasionwear this year?

*Post written in collaboraton with Next who gifted the pieces mentioned


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