Wardrobe Clearout & Burton Kidswear

I absolutely love the change over in the seasons; that feeling of moving towards warmer summer days and the reflection in the fashion industry as the shops begin to follow suit in anticipation of better weather in general. (Please tell me I am not the only one who starts scouting for sandals & floppy hats by mid- Jan?)
 As the first of our Boy's birthdays falls in February, I tend to start sorting through the kids wardrobes early on in the year to cull the clothes that no longer fit/ have been worn to their bitter end and I begin to shop about for new season pieces that will see us through to summer *and* account for the exponential growth of limbs that never ceases to amaze me!

What I always love about new spring collections is the injection of bright colour and vibrance into everyday wear. I'm a big sucker for a colour pop myself and I love seeing my boys in bright hues too. I think especially when the winter has dragged on (a little too long for my liking) I find I am always desperate to warm things up a bit, even if it is just in terms of our clothing palettes!

Bold colours suit bright personalities and they also make it very easy to spot certain individuals in a crowd too! YES, you got me, there are ulterior motives to me dressing the boys in matching outfits and eye-catching ones too, but what can I say? I am a sucker for a lil' matchy-matchy!

Burton kidswear recently sent us some new pieces for the boys and I had the oppertunity not only to explore their insanely cute new season collections but also, to indulge in my slightly obsessive urge to match the boys outfits. (Yay!)
 Burton are a brand I've always really admired for kids clothing, especially the boyswear  section because they just look like miniature versions of their daddy. The clothes are really current and on-trend but also PERFECT for adventurous little beings who like to move about a LOT!

I have to admit, sometimes I do get a little nervous when a piece of work comes in which requires photographing the children just because their peak attention spans only ever last for a fraction of time! Yet, because Burton kids are all about super wearable and casual clothing, I knew the best place to photograph the kids would be in their happy place- the great outdoors: an altogether authentic environment which, I think, shows exactly why we love their clothing!

Having three boys has taught me many things and especially when it comes to clothing them, I've learned never to get too precious because A) boys grow like magic beanstalks (not even exaggerating! :p) And B) They WILL ruin a lot of things through their play. As such, I tend to shop for casual pieces most of the time and also for very practical items too. And it is lovely to know that Burton not only provide clothes that are designed to be lived in with generous sizing making them fit for longer, but also they look really on- trend too! (I'm looking at you denim jackets!)- I think I am officially the only member of the family who doesn't own one now! :p

We're over the moon with our little wardrobe makeover! If you'd like to see these items up close, I've linked to where you can shop them all below:

Red Lightening Sweatshirt
Black skinny jeans
Denim jacket
Navy suede desert boots

*Post written in collaboration with Burton Kids


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