The prettiest bags for summer!*

2018 has brought about a bit of a rediscovery for my love of handbags. I know that sounds rather 'first world' and all but I think what I mean is that I've rediscovered the fun I used to have accessorising an outfit and choosing a bag that is going to tick all the boxes!

 When the babies began to come along, I definitely lost interest in handbags as I relied on great big (and very practical looking) changing bags to house all those baby essentials for 'on the go' life which, these days, have inbuilt room for keys and purses anyway. My physical need for a handbag fell redundant in the process and I just stopped using them altogether. 

However, now that we're back to only one baby being in nappies (trust me, this is a luxury for a mother who juggled three in nappies at the same time!), I've downsized the almighty and tres- obvious baby changing bags to much smaller ones which literally house a couple of nappies and wipes which I generally keep under the pram. This leaves me with the option of wearing a handbag once more (hurray!) and while I know I'm easily pleased, it just feels like another little step towards my old self -I am definitely enjoying getting to play dress up once more!

Natural handbags have taken off big time this season and I've found myself coming back to the internet to snoop at this particular trend a lot in recent weeks. There's definitely a new wave of interest that is centred around a 'less is more' kinda approach to fashion and I am loving seeing more natural weaves, colours and fabrics taking over the scene a bit more. 

I was very kindly sent this Portuguese round pleated bag from Wanderlust Wares which I just think epitomises this idea of organic materials taking the fashion world by storm. It's a really beautiful piece with it's chevron weave and leather detailing in the handles and fastening straps and the materials and colour ways are just ideal for summer.
 I mean, tell me what this bag won't go with? 

Summer is very nearly here and I for one am excited to take this beauty with us on a lot of adventures. I think my new-found love for natural bags might just be on the cusp of 'going big' and I can't wait to start collecting a few more pretties like this one along the way!

And speaking of collecting...there are some seriously stunning pieces over at Wanderlust Wares which I am currently swooning over- like the Luna round rattan for example and not to mention this rather gorgeous wicker basket too!

There's plenty to see over at the shop so if like me, you're looking for something a little unique this summer, definitely take a peek here first!

*I was kindly gifted a bag for the purposes of this post!


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