Evening Skincare Routine With L'Occitane

I am forever experimenting with new skincare products 'pick and mixing' along the way to address whatever the skin issue of the moment is. My quest for that fresh-faced glow has seen me trial and fall in love with plenty of different brands along the way and it normally coincides with the change of season where I reevaluate and begin to change up my skincare routine to suit.
I wanted to mention my current evening skincare routine because it's one I am SO happy with. I've been using L'Occitane products for years but in the last few weeks I have whittled down the products I use to just four which, without a doubt, leave my skin feeling so cleansed and refreshed especially after a long day in the sun.

I always begin my evening routine by removing makeup and to do this I have been taking a few pumps of the L'Occitane oil makeup remover with a splash of water and massaging into my face and neck. The milky-like consistency breaks down makeup with very little effort and even stubborn mascara melts away quickly as I use a hot cloth to buff away the excess. Sometimes I repeat this step to really exfoliate my skin and deep clean but it's always a really gentle procedure that doesn't leave my face feeling tight or irritated.

I've then been using the shea foaming cleanser as a secondary cleanse to remove any remaining traces of makeup or dirt and again this gentle formula feels so moisturising and comfortable on the skin. I've used this for such a long time now and I love everything from it's powdery fragrance to the way it makes my skin feel, super soft & hydrated!

After showering or bathing I then apply moisturiser starting with the L'Occitane precious eye balm. This is such a rich, heavenly formula that feels more like a mask than a cream. I use my ring fingers to apply this all around my eye area and it feels so luxurious and buttery soft. It also really helps to soothe my eyes when they feel tired or puffy which is ever so helpful as that's definitely the case most days for me!

Finally, I use the Precious Night Cream which really mimics the sensation of the eye cream all over the face. Like the eye balm, this cream feels more akin to a mask than a moisturiser as it does linger on the skin longer than a regular moisturiser would which is something I really like at night time. I really feel like the results of combining these two products are telling, especially in the mornings as my skin now feels more plumped as a result of using these for a few weeks. 

Finding a skincare routine that works for you is not always an easy feat so I feel all the more convinced that when you do have some luck, you stick with it! So far,  I am absolutely loving the immortelle range by L'Occitane; it just makes my skin feel so refreshed and smooth, what more could  I ask for really?

What are your current skincare faves?

*I was gifted the products mentioned for review


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