Life update & the cutest bardot dress*

There are definitely times or seasons for me in life where the general pace runs at a hundred miles an hour and I feel a bit frazzled like I can't possibly keep up to speed with everything that's going on. And then there are those sweet ebbs that appear like such perfectly-timed  pockets of relief; you find your rhythm a bit more easily and everything appears to fall into sync once more.

Such is the life of a busy household!

We've had quite a lot going on in our personal life these past few months which (I hope) explains why I've not been quite so available on the blog. To cut a long story short, we're moving house next week and for us it will be the culmination of a limbo we've lived in since January with the process which, as any seasoned movers out there will know, takes its sweet time and toll!

 I have definitely had my head in the end result, especially during these last couple of months which is why I haven't really started any new interiors projects and basically put the blog on hold as I've been waiting to get our feet in the (new!) door, in order to begin some really fun renovations there. Limbo-land has absolutely been my creative home lately and with focusing on everything that is coming in the pipeline and planning for the next part of the year, I have allowed myself a little break over here to focus on more imminent changes.

I've always enjoyed dipping in and out of blogging though, sometimes taking a complete break altogether as I don't really see the point in regurgitating the same old content- I much prefer it when it's fresh and the kind of work I can feel happy with rather than content for content's sake. I hope that resonates as I know I have not been around much in recent weeks. But, ya' know; all things in moderation, right? I'm hoping to be back on the bandwagon with plenty to chat to you about later in the year!

However, one topic that has probably always remained consistent on my blog is fashion because regardless of where I am physically I always feel inspired by fashion and the different trends that catch my eye. I was recently sent this gorgeous dress from Joanie Clothing who, by the way, stock some of *the*  prettiest and most feminine pieces with a real nostalgic twist. Needless to say, I fell head over heels with this pretty number.

 I particularly LOVE the bardot neckline and the floaty layers of the skirt that swish with every step. And yes, I realise I am quite a 'girly girl' when it comes to fashion anyway but this is serrriously giving me all the pretty woman vibes and is such a good contender for summer style in general. Be it a BBQ gathering, wedding guest outfit or even something light to throw on before heading out to run errands; I think half the luxury is just being able to wear a really breathable fabric that doesn't cling in the heat!

However you want to look at it, feminine midi dresses are back big time this season and I am SO happy about that! Joanie clothing have such a lot of beautiful variations and styles, I definitely see a few pieces on their website that I could happily feed into my wardrobe this summer. What's your favourite pick?

*Post in collaboration with Joanie Clothing who gifted me the dress mentioned.


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