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For as long as I can remember, I've always been a creature of habit who finds comfort in the simple routines and rhythms of the everyday. For instance, (and especially since having children) I relish the quiet of the evening when the house falls into a magical state of calm and we have a couple of hours entirely to ourselves to draw breath and unwind. This precious time each day is something that I always look forward to, regardless of whether it's been a good day or not; it's a vital part of the day where we can reflect as a couple and take a moment to enjoy the home space uninterrupted...usually!

And while most of the house has some mark or other that is a constant reminder of a happy family of five and of three little boys who call it their kingdom; our bedroom space is entirely different. I like to keep this one room of the house as our own, as a bit of a sanctuary and a place to relax without any fear of treading barefoot over lego!

We only moved into our new house last month but this room is already taking shape as one of my favourites in the house. My mission is to make it a calming environment that totally reflects our personalities; a grown-up space which, unlike every other space in the house, is designed entirely around and for ourselves.

Obviously, the bed is quite an important aspect of any bedroom and aside from using it to sleep in, I just love ours for how peaceful it makes me feel. It's definitely my favourite spot to while away half an hour reading books or making phone calls to loved ones. And because I associate my bedroom with calm and quiet, I always like the bed itself to look relaxing, tidy and comfortable- even if only I am going to be seeing it- I love my little routine of making it each morning to look its best.

When creating our new bedroom space, these were the bullet points that were at the forefront of my mind, inspiring me to rethink the bedding situation and use colour to create a statement look, perfect for the summer ahead!

eve sleep has recently launched a whole new range of seriously beautiful bed linens in some of the most gorgeous fabrics and they very kindly sent us a couple of sets to try out. Normally I do play it quite safe generally opting for crisp white linens but with summer ahead and feeling a little creative with the house move, we decided to pick two rather contrasting linen sets; the pale pink / peach and navy/ white colourways and already I am OB-sessed with the way these look!

The pale pink and peachy toned set is so perfect for this time of year. When the sun lights up the room each morning, the peach actually makes our white walls glow with the prettiest pinky tones- it's such a lovely sight first thing! I also love how this set works so beautifully against the grey backdrop of the headboard and bed frame. The bed frame itself is quite neutral but I've found pairing it with some cheerful colourways has really lifted the overall effect- it's amazing how it totally transforms the feel of the bedroom! 

 I also love the way it sits against our velvet mustard cushions, although I was worried about colours clashing initially, I just think it looks really statement and makes the whole area pop with vibrancy! 

We also got to try the navy and white linen sheets and I just cannot get enough of these. They look SO cool, especially when you play around with the reversibility of the sheets. For instance, I love dressing our duvet with the top end folded back so you either have a crisp white layer against the deep navy or vice versa, it just looks so sharp! 

Linen is such a great choice of fabric too, especially in the heat! And considering we've been experiencing an uncharacteristically long heatwave these past weeks here in the UK, I feel like I've had the optimum oppertunity to 'test drive' our new eve bedding- it really does make for the most comfortable night's sleep!

The linen fabric has definitely felt more comfortable than our regular bedding in these warmer temperatures; I have noticeably found myself drifting off to sleep quicker and with less of the tossing and turning when I get too hot- game changer!

Although we have been very generously gifted two bedding sets from eve, there are SO many colourways to choose from on their website; I have to say it was a tough decision whittling down our favourites to just two! I also love the classic yellow and grey and the blush and berry too- these are so cute!

What would your favourite picks be?

*Post written in collaboration with eve


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