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I've been working towards creating a more streamlined wardrobe over the past weeks; delving through the clutter and making physical SPACE in there to actually be able to see everything I have. I hate the disarray that comes with having too many 'things' and no organisation. Plus, I am becoming more and more convinced that as a culture we should be less supportive of disposable fashion; it helps nobody in the long run!

Admittedly, I tend to flit between the conscious desire to buy well by investing in fewer pieces in order to get more wear from them as opposed to buying up the whole of Primark because it's so on trend and accessible. Ultimately, I want to have fewer things and love them longer; to buy classic cuts and fabrics that will be worn over and over and to still enjoy pieces in the future, regardless of what year they were bought in.

I am convinced that somewhere in all of this there is a happy medium to be found!

One day I'll get my act together and talk through an actual seasonal capsule collection that will stand the test of time but for now, I wanted to share five pieces that I am in LOVE with and that I plan on keeping for the long haul...

01. Animal Pyjamas
I was looking through Asos the other day in search of loungewear (who else darts for the hot choc and blankets stash as soon as the weather turns chilly?)
Needless to say, I didn't have to scroll far down to find this lovely pyjama set. I totally fell in love with the rust colour and the animal print too! To be honest, my immediate thoughts were that the boys would love them and surely enough, when I tried them on at the weekend, the kids were all over me!
These are such an awesome shape with the extra- long wide leg-and with the shirt tucked in, I think they look so cool! They are really all I want to wear in the evenings at present so I think that says enough!

02. Fluffy sliders
If I could wear slippers all day every day then I am definitely the kind of person who would do this without a moments thought! In fact, I'm not gonna lie, I have been known to wear them in the supermarket-don't judge!
The thing is, I seem to wear them all to death! I don't actually know how many pairs I've gotten through this year alone- the thought is scary enough!
Anyway, I spied these insanely fluffy sliders and knew they were going to answer a lot of my problems; I mean check the sole- they're SO sturdy! I figured if these don't take a bit more wear and tear, I can't imagine any slipper out there will. Also, could they be any fluffier?! I mean really?!

03. Burgundy corduroy blazer
If I had to pick one item of clothing as an absolute staple in autumn, it would be a blazer- definitely!
I love blazers all year round to be honest but especially in autumn when you're not really ready to whack out the big coats just yet but still want an extra layer for warmth there.
I bought this burgundy corduroy blazer as part of a suit and it has been one of my most enjoyable fashion purchases to date. This goes with everything and the colour is just stunning, plus corduroy seems to be making a bit of a comeback this year so I feel like this is going to be a piece I will get a lot of satisfaction styling in the months to come!

04. The perf date-night heel
I picked up these beauts as part of my outfit for a wedding at the end of summer and since then I have been loving wearing them more casually. These are such a great 'date night' shoe or everyday shoe for that matter, they instantly smarten an outfit up and look so sleek with black jeans. I am OB-sessed with these!

05. The cosiest knit
If there was something lacking in my wardrobe, it would be knitwear and jumpers. I just don't buy them very often but I have actually found myself reaching for these a lot more lately. Again, I think this is because I'm not ready to wear full-on winter coats just yet but I do want something cosy to pull on when I'm out on the school run first thing. 
Zara have some really well-priced sweaters out this season and I have been enjoying a whole lot of window shopping! I treated myself to this one...with eyes on its sisters (it comes in a few other colours!) And I think I've almost worn this every day for a whole week. 
If that's not love, right?!

Five pieces that I am loving right now- what would yours be?


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