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I think it's fair to say we're heading for that time of year where we start to draw the curtains that bit earlier in the evenings and bunker down. That said I'm not complaining as I LOVE everything about autumn; I love the cosiness of dark evenings spent snuggling under blankets against the backdrop of an open fire; of hot stews and even hotter chocolate (marshmallows of course) to provide that all-needed comfort in the dark, colder days.

And considering that weatherwise, we've had quite the summer here in the UK; it's run its course nicely now and I definitely feel ready to embrace the change in season.

Obviously, we're still a little way away from the 'deepest, darkest' days of winter, but the signs are beginning to show that it's just around the corner, signalling the change.
September is such a beautiful month, isn't it? I love how it brings out my favourite colour palettes by way of the crisp golden brown leaves on the trees; the yellows and reds of pavements carpeted with yet more leaves- it really is a masterpiece of nature!

And the reminder is there every morning as I leave to do the school run; the cooler air now working most effectively to wake me up- At this rate, my morning coffee will become redundant!
I was *so* close to wearing a hat this week...so close I tell you!

 I spent a bit of time this week preparing my wardrobe for the cold months ahead, delving through my boxes of winter-wear and 'rotating' summer pieces back into storage while I decide what I'm going to need to purchase for the coming months. (Coats are top of my list!) 
I can tell you there's a lot of mustard, animal prints, creams and blush tones in there and it all has me very excited about styling the season ahead!

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to shoot some content to share with you my favourite autumnal pieces- can't wait! What's your favourite thing about autumn?


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