House progress: dressing table

Since moving into our new house, I'm getting increasingly excited about the whole renovation process. I find myself less worried about time frames and getting rooms turned around quickly as I don't want to make rash decisions- it's such a learning curve! 

There are some spaces that we've really spent time trying to create a sense of 'home' with and even just putting a fresh lick of paint on the walls has given this house such a new lease of life! It's amazing how white paint can transform!
One such space is in our bedroom. Now we do have *big* plans for this room as currently the carpet is very worn and needs replacing and deliberating about putting a hardwood floor in here. (I personally would love a parquet design but I might need to do a little more convincing to wangle it!)

There are some other 'niggly' jobs to do in here but in the meantime, a corner that I am really enjoying at the moment is my little dressing area. I have this dressing table from Maisons du Monde (I think it's currently unavailable otherwise I'll link to it!) and I absolutely LOVE it! It's such a beautiful piece to have in this room and everything from its design with tapered gold legs to the big round mirror is just everything I would lean towards! It's also such an easy one to hold onto even if the room decor changes up from time to time, being quite neutral it will hopefully slot into our changing style easily.

It also has a pull out drawer with so much space for storage in there, I have all my palettes stashed away in the back there and you wouldn't even know!

My stool is one I've had for a while now and it's from Baa Stools. I love it because it's SO comfy to perch on while I do my makeup or hair. And as for the colour! I mean, why play it safe when you can have a rich teal with gold hairpin legs?!

 I do remember way back when I was choosing a colourway and being very tempted to opt for a neutral cream or dusky pink tone, yet in hindsight, I know the teal has been a perfect choice and I love that it's a little quirky and different from your average dressing table stool.

My rug is new and it's from Homesense and being so was an absolute bargain! As the carpet underneath is so worn, I'm not gonna lie, it's nice to be able to cover it up with something that looks a little more up to the job! But fingers crossed we get the floor sorted soon as it's such a good sized room, I want to be able to enjoy every angle of it!

This is definitely a working project and knowing me, I'll still carry on moving things about and incorporating new pieces along the way. After all, what's a house without a project of some kind on the go anyway? :p



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