Making everyday a special occasion

I recently saw an advert by Boden that spoke of how women should embrace wearing their 'best' clothes instead of simply saving them for special occasions. The jist of it was all about making all of your wardrobe work for you now and not just in those rare occasions when you might push the boat out, so to speak.
Anyway, it caught my attention as a kind of style mantra that I have come to share over the years.
In fact these days I really don't have much in my own wardrobe that is 'off limits' to the every day, save my wedding dress really...though don't quote me on that! 
But that's something I really love, it's versatility and it's definitely getting your monies worth too!

A recent buy that has become such an example of this for me is this dress from & Other Stories. I actually bought this for my sister in law's wedding recently which was a bit of a risk in itself as I bought it online (and it came all the way from the Netherlands)...only to find it didn't fit very well. BUT it was stunning and I totally fell in love with the colour and shape! I changed my size and repurchased it...thank goodness it arrived just in the knick of time- the day before the wedding! I was so happy to wear this with a pair of heels and a swishy bag. It's such a pretty dress and I felt both feminine AND 100% comfortable chasing at the heels of my boys during the wedding reception!

It's no secret that & Other Stories are a gorgeous brand (don't get me started on their new season knitwear!)  but this was my first time shopping with them so I was a little nervous making a wee investment. 
 Yet, the quality of the dress was just amazing! I'm definitely not the kind of person who has time to be precious with my clothing and so it makes all the more sense for me to have a 'wear it' approach to my style because, let's face it, with three sons, things ARE going to get messy.
 But what's the point in not wearing something you love and hoarding it away?

 When I tried it on again in the week, I paired it with loafers and saw it in a completely different light. I mean it just transformed this smart 'occasion only' dress into a far more casual, wearable getup (albeit perhaps with some extra inches of glam!)

And I suppose that's my point. If you have clothing you love, wear it and don't just stash it in the back of your wardrobe because you deserve to feel your best every day...and not just on special occasions!


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