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From the day I pressed 'publish' on my very first blog post, I discovered that I have this love of writing content and stretching myself to find new ways to create, document and share aspects of my life in this medium. Over the years, my blog has seen me document two pregnancies and the transition from being a mother of one to a mother of three boys. Naturally, the blog has also adapted along the way and where I used to have time to write two or three posts a day; those days are nothing but a memory now.
 I do aim to write a few posts weekly but, especially in this past year, I have prioritised my need to strike a better blog/life balance as we all know, the world of social media can, at times, be over-bearing. And so, despite the fact that I don't really like irregularity, there are weeks that I'm not really present much online as well as those weeks where I seem to be a hive of activity over here!

 Accepting this as the new 'normal' always makes me feel kinda proud of myself, for pursuing my blog and for letting it grow around our family life, without taking over family life. I'm really proud that despite some absolutely mad years where we've moved around and seen so much change in our personal lives, I kept the blog going and didn't give up on it. There were occasions when I really thought I would throw in the towel, like I just didn't have the headspace for another thing to think about but, when it came down to it, I always regarded this blog as an outlet and a kind of release from the every day; where I could aspire to chase my dreams a bit and enjoy the journey.

I hope you too enjoy my blog and it's various movements from parenting right through to fashion and style. I hope you don't mind the natural progressions and changes along the way, to me they are just a reflection of where I am and the things that I am feeling inspired by, they are a reflection of me!

* Embroidered Jumper gifted by Joules


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