Stradivarius for autumn style

I have been shopping about lately for some new autumn pieces and I just feel the need to give a big shout out to Stradivarius for totally nailing 2018 autumnal style for me. 

Stradivarius are a brand I only really discovered this year. Although they do have physical shops, I don't think they have many here in the UK and none near me so I first got to know the brand via online shopping- a risky business sometimes but thankfully, in this case, it totally paid off!

Now, it wasn't necessarily my desire to dress like an autumn leaf once September rolled around but, admittedly, it seems I have been unintentionally doing this almost every day. I  mean, I just cannot get enough of the rich browns, mustards, yellows and purples that are so prevalent in nature- and my online shopping basket too!

I found these brown jeans recently and decided to make an outfit around them. They're such a great fit and very easy to incorporate into my wardrobe as it is, so I knew they would make a great little addition this season!

I hardly have to explain how prevalent animal prints have also been this season, but my goodness, they are EVERYWHERE! I've seen some really cool contemporary twists on them too, especially with swapping the naturally darker colours for lighter pinks and nudes- so feminine and pretty! And when I saw this coat in Stradivarius I just thought it was UH-mazing! So workable this season and something I would wear time and time again. I mean, I swear it's not my intention to mimic Pat Butcher but I can't seem to help myself at the moment.

 (I even considered wearing a full head to toe animal print outfit the other day- what's happening to me?!)

With the prevalent brown tones of this outfit, I really wanted to infuse it a brighter pop of colour and when I laid eyes on these red sling-backs, they just seemed like the perfect 'go to'. 

It's nice that even though the weather is cooler now I can still get away with wearing semi-summery footwear- win! These really are so comfy and chic- I've worn them loads already, styling them to go with outfits I already have, so they will definitely see a lot of wear in the coming weeks.

This look is one I've been repeating over and over recently and I am not even close to being tired of it. But I am looking forward to changing the pieces around to go with different looks and seeing where that takes me!

What's your 'go to' autumnal look?


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