What's new in my skincare...

It's no secret that a good cleanser can work wonders for the skin and since autumn has arrived, I've been ready to change up my summer skincare routine for a richer, more hydrating one to combat my already chapping lips and dry skin!

I don't know how the weather always manages to take effect on my face so quickly, but every single year it's like clockwork where my skin is concerned. And before I know it suddenly I've gone from that dewy summer glow and relatively normal skin to a drier base that looks like it hasn't had an ounce of vitamin D in years.

Not particularly helpful.

 Anyhoo, complain I shall not! I did, however, want to share a cleanser I've been using lately and really enjoying. This is the culmination of a gorgeous collaboration between Pixi and skincare expert Caroline Hirons and it's a beautiful product containing a duo of cleansers. On one side you get the first step solid oil cleanser which is ideal for removing makeup or sunscreen and on the other side you have the second step cleansing cream which is SO nourishing and makes your skin feel as though you've applied moisturiser before you're even ready to.

I love the idea of a duo cleanser as I often use a couple of products on my skin anyway- bit of a skincare junkie over here! But what can I say? I like to get the job done properly and for me, there's nothing worse than going to bed with mascara still peeping out of your lashes! This combination of solid oil and cream cleanser are really up to the task of removing even the most stubborn makeup products and personally, I find them so therapeutic and relaxing to use.

I don't know how much you can wax lyrical about a cleansing product but this one is definitely up there! I'm currently combining this with the classic Liz Earle cleanse & polish (of course) which to be honest, I think I'll forever be sticking with!

Truthfully, for autumnal weather and skin like mine that can be affected by the changing temperatures, the Pixi cleanser has been a dream so far in replenishing and restoring my skin to its happy place.

I'm a big fan!



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